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Firestone EPDM Repair Kit
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WELCOME TO AVANT GARDEN POND SUPPLY. Spring is just around the corner, and we are all anxiously waiting to open our ponds after this long and relentless winter comes to an end. For us "ponders" in the cold climate zone, the temperatures will start to rise and the many inches of snow will start to melt. When you can anticipate this change depends on your specific region. For those of you who ran your ponds through the winter, this will be a great time to get those beautiful winter photos of snow covered ponds. Feel free to share your photos with us and we will post them on our website.

What we as "ponders" can anticipate this spring is our specific needs when opening our ponds. While you are cleaning and opening your ponds you should inspect for any possible leaks. A liner patch kit or tube of fish safe silicone should solve any minor leaks you may have acquired. Remember, it's better to find and fix them now than during the summer when you want to enjoy your pond. Here at Avant Garden Pond Supply we have all the products you might need to repair your pond; please browse our selection of liner patch kits, liner seam tape, pond liner and underlayment fabric to find the supplies you need.

Something to consider at this phase of your pond opening is whether to make changes to you pond (i.e. appearance, layout, and filtration). A simple idea to change the layout is to add a large stone at the ponds edge to feed koi from. An idea to change your ponds appearance may be to add or enlarge a waterfall. If your pond is overpopulated by fish it may be time to consider increasing the pond size or improving the filtration. (To figure out your pond size in gallons, use the following formula: WIDTH X LENGTH X DEPTH X 7.5 = GALLONS OF WATER IN YOUR POND) Here at Avant Garden Pond Supply, we have all the pond supplies you may need to improve your pond, except for the stones. Look through our selection of pond filters, pond pumps, pond skimmers, waterfall spillways, fountain nozzles, pond lighting and UV clarifiers to find the products you need.

You may choose to perform a pond cleanout (recommended) to remove that organic build-up which often leads to a "pea soup" pond. Browse our seasonal pond maintenance products, such as pond nets, pond skimmers, pond vacuums, and floating thermometers to help you in your maintenance efforts. If you are a pond owner in the Omaha, Nebraska area and are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with performing a pond cleanout, contact us for a Free Pond Cleanout Estimate.

Now that you've cleaned your pond you're ready to re-establish your aquatic plants. Look through our aquatic plant supplies to find planting bags, planting baskets, floating islands, and aquatic plant fertilizers to find products you may need for your water garden. Remember, hardy aquatic plants need a 50 water temperature and tropical aquatic plants prefer a 70 water temperature. Don't forget your floating thermometer. If you are a pond owner in the Omaha, Nebraska area and would like to purchase some aquatic plants, call for an availability/price list.

Time to fill your pond up. Some water treatment products you may need this spring are de-chlorinator and beneficial bacteria. De-chlorinator will eliminate harmful chlorine or chloramines from newly added tap water and beneficial bacteria will start up and maintain the biological filter in water gardens and koi ponds. Browse our selection of pond water treatments that include algae treatments, barley straw, beneficial bacteria, de-chlorinators, flocculants, foam treatments, pH treatments, phosphate treatments, pond dye and sludge treatments.

Feeding your koi. So much of feeding koi in the spring, summer and fall is determined by water temperature. Visit to find all your important koi feeding information. At Avant Garden Pond Supply, we offer different brands of koi food such as Hikari, Microbe-Lift and Tetra-Pond.

Here at Avant Garden Pond Supply we hope to offer all the products you want for your pond or fountain. If we don't carry an item you would really like to see, email us at and we will make every effort to get you the pond products you need.

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